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Research Project

Between two waters

There is an ongoing debate in the scientific community, it is a global issue, ocean currents are changing their course, this is already having an impact on many levels and will have unpredictable and irreparable consequences, especially in Europe with the Gulf Stream we are affected.

My research is not only focused on climate change, also on the marine ecosystem.

It is already known that many marine species are changing their behaviour and are forced to migrate due to warming waters. The breeding and nursery grounds of many species are also being radically altered, threatening their existence.

This warming has already led to all cold-water species reducing their ranges and warm-water species occupying new areas.

Ozeaneum .jpg
Internet information and data source

My core ideas have been strengthened thanks to this research, I have been able to compare first-hand information with marine biologists, oceanographers, marine foundations, Doctors specialized in climate change from the Universities of Bremen and Kiel.

It was an arduous process to understand how marine physics and meteorology work, how they are connected and what the short, medium and long term consequences might be.


Interview with Prof. Dr. Heiko Pálike
Professor of Pale oceanography at MARUM Geosciences, University of Bremen.

Interview with Prof. Dr. Johannes Karstensen, Scientist for Physical Oceanography at Kiel University, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research.

Interview with Dr. Philipp Kanstinger, marine Biologist, active member of the environmental protection organization WWF in Hamburg

But what about us personally?
And in Germany in general?
Are we really aware of it and if so, what importance do we attach to it?
Or have we tacitly accepted this fact?
Is there still time to change this situation?
What are we willing to do or do without in order to preserve marine life and resources?
This research will serve as the basis for the development of a theatre project that can be performed in different cultural and environmental contexts.

peces Ozeaneum.png

First sketches are designed by moon fish.

Which materials are suitable for further construction?.

Consultation with Gert Kiesler, puppet maker from Producciones Abismales.

Pez Luna.jpg

It all starts with the plankton, which will be the leitmotif.

Thanks to this research, I was able to compare different studies, analyse and take into account the facts and forecasts, and thus find out what a scenic and dramaturgical plot should look like. It all starts with the plankton, which will be the leitmotif.
Without plankton, many forms of life that we know would not exist. The change caused by the fluctuations of the Gulf Stream is changing the nature of plankton, and this is happening now.


Theatre Research supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the program NEUSTART KULTUR

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