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 The Dragons of the Sea Walking Act for the whole Family 

At Salon-K Das Kunst- und Kultur-Festival im Lettekiez/ Berlin, last performance of the season 2022.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show our work in our beloved city.  

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Site specific theater project inspired by the singularity of insects, where air dance, physical theater, Butoh and live music converge. Made in Alescenario (Buenos Aires) 

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Traces of the Past

This performance "Traces of the Past " is the result of the combination of Butoh dance, physical theater and street theater techniques, Where the public will be Involve and can participate as they decide. 
"Ötzi" is the name of this performative character, and sleeps like a frozen man during thausend years . one day wake up in our world and go out of his cave, believes all people around him are spirits,,
This performance is based on Ötzi, the oldest mummy discovered in an Alpine glacier in Europe .


From time to time I have the pleasure of moderating and acting in small cabarets, almost intimate.

Direct contact with the public, tete a tete.

For me the most remembered was Moulin Rouge at the KuLe Theater. A couple of years ago.

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Calypso and Kallaghan 

They come from the center of the earth, belong to a lost civilization, with the help of the spectator they try to return home ,but not alone ... .

 Our Premiere was  in Sysyphos ( Berlin ) . After that we played by Karneval der Kulturen ( Berlin ) ,  openning event of Mühlenbeck  , Hallowen Night in Berlin ...

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The flight of the vampire, breathtaking choreography from far away.

Theoretically nobody has afraid of our legendary figure, but everything changes dramatically when Nosferatus comes near to you.

After landing, he invites us and our guests to a Tango inmortale.
Are you ready? Welcome to eternity. Morbidity and fun are guaranteed.

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